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Interactive Competition for the Internet Users

 Thechnoly for providing an interactive competition for remote users The present invention relates to methods for organizing and holding interactive competition, wherein said methods may be used to increase efficiency when holding a competitive examination by increasing the number of

Method Of Providing Odors To A User Inside Virtual Environment

Method of providing odors to a user inside virtual environment The proposed technology could be used for providing different odors to the user nose by micro-nozzles controlled by software application. It could be used for computer games, and other applications

Virtusphere: A Natural Locomotion Inside Virtual Reality

Virtusphere is locomotion technology for immerse virtual reality How it works: Virtusphere consists of a 10-foot hollow sphere, which is placed on a special platform that allows the sphere to rotate freely in any direction according to the user’s steps.

Interactive Virtual Studio. Augmented and mixed reality

Interactive virtual studio  Interactive Virtual Studio is a method of creating a video based on mixing real video and computer generated video. The main goal of the technology show interaction of user with virtual objects in real time. The technology

Methof of Creating Video of a User Playing Computer Game

Method of creating video of gaming process, where involved gamer and game on one screen Method of creating video programs where user interact with computer generated objects in real time. On the video according proposed method will be user playing