New User Interface For Smart Phones And Tablets


New User Interface For Smart Phones And Tablets

The interface of gadgets have changed little since the first iPhone appeared in 2007 . They all look at each other like two drops of water. Differences between quantitative rather than qualitative. The paradigm of the touch screen is great, but it did not last and not only the interface of these gadgets. Our vision: the changes will be in the user’s ¬†interface than it will push changes in the gadget’s hardware. New Interfaces should allow the use of smart phones or tablet ¬†for a content creation, and allow them to to replace the personal computer in most cases. The key for the new interface will be a virtual big screen as an extension of gadgets. The high resolution screens will come massively to handheld devices first of all, not house walls. It will allows also to have incredible gaming experience, including immerse virtual reality, based on smart phones and tablets.

A modern smart phones are more powerful than the PC four years ago. But they are not designed for serious work such as comfortable reading a text, working with word processing and spreadsheet, drawing and designing. At the same time, they overcome PC as a mobile devices and communicators. If smart phones provide a more accurate interface, there will be a strong bias in favor of their use for office uses and content creations.


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