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We suggest you use VRPN as a Universal Game Interface for gaming hardware

“The Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN) is a set of classes within a library and a set of servers that are designed to implement a network-transparent interface between application programs and the set of physical devices (tracker, etc.) used in a

Virtual Controller

The goal is to provide users with the ability to play 3D games already on the market, with an immersive interface on head mounted displays. This idea was already in process of development by Virtusphere, Inc. On the Internet you

New User Interface For Smart Phones And Tablets

  New User Interface For Smart Phones And Tablets The interface of gadgets have changed little since the first iPhone appeared in 2007 . They all look at each other like two drops of water. Differences between quantitative rather than

Optimization Of Fuel Consumption In Cars and Trucks

Optimization of fuel consumption in cars and trucks Cruise control can be more optimally to drive and use less fuel, given the GPS data end the geography of the road (uphill and downhill). The inclusion of these data in the